Wellness Pharmacy is dedicated to the health and well-being of each and every patient.

Our goal is to help patients get the prescriptions they need, with better prices and better service than big chain pharmacies. We are a proud independent pharmacy and are excited to not only serve our community in Los Gatos, but patients across the bay area as well.

Our services include everything you would expect from a big chain, including free shipping and delivery. Some patients know us for our competitive dermatology medication pricing, but we also fill maintenance and all other types of medication with the same low prices.

Services you can count on

Dedicated To Serving Los Gatos, CA

Free Delivery/Shipping

We can have your medications delivered to your home or conveniently shipped to you.


Transferring your prescription is easy. Learn more about what basic info we need  and we will take care of you. 

Come for the prices, stay for the service

We have been providing great prices for a wide spectrum of medications. Whether it’s a dermatologic, diabetic, antibiotic, or a maintenance medication, we take the time to find the best price for you.

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